Friday, February 20, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Ok, I am not a good Blogger. Lets see where this goes this time since I have not blogged in a year and a half.

2007 was a great cycling year. I finished with 4000 k, over 3000 ultra cycling miles and somewhere over 6000 total miles. I bought my Corsa in Oct 2007 and started riding it exclusively.

2008 sucked. My office combined with 4 others to form a very complex multi-specialty group. I started working 56-72 hours a week sometime in February and really did little else. I participated in my own Natchez Trace 200k - it was great - I had several LSR members drive over for the ride and had a PR while doing it. I also rode in Pat's Mardi Gras 200k. The next weekend Aidan was born. He is really the only good thing about 2007. I do enjoy being a grandmother!

I participated in one more 200 k - the Franklinton 4th of July ride. I struggled as I had been off the bike more than on it.

I rode so little, I have no idea how many miles I actually rode. I am guessing less than 1000.

So, it is February 20th. I am 25 lbs heavier now than my April 2007 weight and I have already lost 10 lbs this year. I am motivated to become a real athlete. I will leave in a few hours for this years Mardi Gras ride. My goal is to finish in the time limit. Last night I heard Shanna Armstrong speak at a Boys and Girls club award banquet in Kosy. Very interesting. Her story is almost unbelievable. She was not always the picture of health and athletic envy - at one time she was a 170lb+ smoker!

Well, I am not a smoker! I really want to be a true ultra cyclist. I don't know why except the fact that I love to ride, I love the outdoors, and I love pushing myself. Lets see where I go!

My longer term goal is to make another PAC tour in 2010. I would really like to do the elite tour as it is basically RAAM without the sleep deprivation.

Short term goals:

Lose 5 lbs a month to lose at least 25 lbs - maybe 35.
Finish a MS or LA 200k at 15mph ave
Ride a minimum of 250 miles a month.

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