Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's try this again

Well, I just have not been able to get it together since coming back from the Transcon.  So, we will try keeping up with the blog, at least a couple times a month, for a while.

I am very fortunate to have realized in 2009 that my window of opportunity was a small one.  I somehow was able to see that if I did not jump at the chance to train and ride for my Transcon, it might not ever happen.  I was blessed to have all aspects of my life line up at the same time and thus enjoyed the trip of a lifetime this past July/August.

After coming home things have not been a bed of roses.  Nothing major mind you, just regular life stuff.  And even my "life stuff" has not been earth shattering, just inconvenient.  Like 24 year old daughter and 3 year old grandson moving home.  (Remember, not earth shattering, just inconvenient and hopefully not permanent!)

So I find myself some 11 months post-Transcon, ready to get my cycling act together again.  I have unfortunately let myself gain 30 lbs and in need of rebuilding my endurance and speed. 

So, what am I going to do about it?  RIDE, of course!

In May, I rode a grand total of 147 miles - something I can do in a day.  So far 12 days into June, I have ridden over 300 - a good start.  I have also signed up to participate in the Texas Time Trials in September.  I have always wanted to compete in the TTT, but something always prevented me from participating.  Assuming the TTT does not kill me, I am also planning on doing Sebring in February.  And to top it off, although I am still waivering on this one, I may even do the Heart of the South 200 in April.  At least I have something to shoot for.

I also plan to attempt Pat's Louisiana fall series.  I have never completed a 400k on my recumbent and have not attempted one at all since 2007.  The only issue I have with the whole series is the 600.  One, I have never tried a 600 and two it falls on the same day as a ride in Canton, TX.  Since I have never ridden a full series, I may just attempt it for the first time.  Who knows?  We will just have to see.

I am also considering offering a full series in Mississippi next year.  I have offered a 200, 300 and 400 in the past.  Although I have not offered the 400 in two years.  Unfortunately, I have to decide to offer the whole series by September.

Well, I am headed to NOLA for the June night brevet on Saturday.  It will be good to practice some night riding and see how my lights do for an extended period of time.

Hopefully I will let you know how that ride turns out!


gghammer50 said...

Now thats what I'm talking about! Go get it.

pat said...

I think you should go for the full series this year and schedule a full ACP series for next year. That way I'll be able to get in 3 full series next year!