Saturday, April 24, 2010

It is best not to watch weather reports.../Vicksburg

So I am sitting in my pajamas waiting out a stupid tornado warning. It has rained lightly on and off and is very windy. The weather forecasters have been making it out to be just a horrible, we are all going to be blown away kind of day. Even on the national news they talked about how rare the system is that is blowing through today. Well, here at my house, it doesn't look like it is doing anything. The only good thing about it is that I got to sleep in and spend some quality time with David.

Yesterday I went to Vicksburg with Doug and did 4 loops of the Military Park. Not sure how good this is or if it is actually a little depressing, but I did 4 laps in the military park today before the rain/lightening/threat of tornadoes drove us home. Easily could have done 1 and probably 2 more laps. I did 3 laps in July of last year. My best lap in July was at an average of 11.9 mph. My best lap today was at 13.1 mph. With the 4 laps I did today, I had just over 60 miles and 5600 ft of climbing. Each loop is just under 16 miles and has 1400 ft of climbing. My average HR on my best lap today was 139 where as my HR on my best loop in July was 155. I am disappointed as we were hoping to do at least 5 laps but decided to quit when it started raining/lightening/tornadoing so I did not have a bust it open lap. The second lap, my best, I got stuck behind a bus and Doug didn't so I spent the loop trying to catch up with him.

But, even though it is just a 1 mph improvement, I feel good - especially since I did 6500 ft of climbing on Sunday. I really wish I had a power meter because, I really think I was riding with more power on each lap. Maybe that isn't true, as I know I slowed down on the 3rd and 4th laps, but I think it was more because I was planning on riding 5 or 6 loops or until the tornadoes came, so I was some what just riding to ride and not pushing it.

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