Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ridgeland Century Ride and New Century PR

Copied email to my coach:

"OMG!!! Have no idea what my best century time was but it wasn't 6:22!! Ride time was 5:59! LOL!!! 23 min off bike!!! 16.75 ave! Ave cad 81 max 108! Ave HR 150 Max 180!! Spent 13 min 48 sec above 165!

WHOO HOO!! I drafted probably 50-60 miles and rode alone 40-50. Tried to stay in a paceline, but I only wanted to stop at the 25 mile rest stop, 50 mile and 75 mile rest stops. So I would lose my pace line at times. Worked really hard and my legs got more tired than normal after 75 miles. I am very pleased though!"

It was a really good ride and I was very pleased. I rode with a couple ladies from Oxford - Carol Livingston is an avid rider and I hope to meet up with her again. I had seen Carols picture on bike journal and recognized her since she was wearing an Oxford jersey.

Interestingly, I was more tired for several days after this ride. I would compare it to the fatigue I suffer on a longer over night ride like a night time 200 or a 400.

I hope to see faster century times in the future!

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