Sunday, September 19, 2010

Life is Good

Well, I as I sit here drinking my coffee, I must say that life really is good! I have had a great weekend.  Friday I had no set riding plans so I sat around drinking coffee and playing on the internet trying to decide where I wanted to ride.  Finally got off my rear and did a new route - actually a modified backwards route of our Labor Day route.  Ended up riding 57 miles - it was hot - I should have been up and out by 6 but I just have a problem doing that when I don't have someone to meet.  The route was virtually car free and very enjoyable. It is nice to be so carefree.

After the ride I went to the Madison County Library to find out about accessing a website through the library - wow has the library changed since the last time I went to it!  They offer a ton of stuff over the net.

Saturday I got up early to participate in the Cyclist Curing Cancer Century.  Like an idiot I rode my bike there. The morning was only coolish - I could tell it would be very hot before the day was over.  I started in the dark, but with my headlight, helmet light and new taillight I was very comfortable and could see well.  The combo head/helmet light gave me all the light I needed to be confident riding in the dark.  I enjoyed it much better than the last early morning ride with Pat and company in Franklinton (the difference being the helmet light).  The ride to the Healthplex in Clinton was further than I thought - 16 miles which is not a big deal, but I knew I wanted to be there by 7, so I felt pressure to ride faster than I would have liked.  I did arrive at just past 7 so it was no big deal.  Bill, Bard, Jodi and Sarah were there.  They are fast becoming good riding buddies.  They all seem to love being outdoors - fishing, kyacking, hiking and so on.  Maybe I can have them help me become a better all around outdoors enthusiast.  Boy I would love to learn to kayack.

I rode the century with Bill - we really match up very well.  He is faster than I am but not so much that he gets too far in front of me.  He really rode strong on his first century and I hope that we can ride together more.  We both rode very strong to the 50 mile turn around. I think we were averaging 18 or something thanks to a slight tailwind and coolish temps.  After the turn around we slowed considerably.  I died on the hills in the heat. I was glad we had the wind to keep us "cool".  Okay, it was not cool at all, as the wind was a very hot wind, but it was better than no wind at all that would have left us baking in the sun.  The volunteers for this ride were very gracious.  It is hard to believe how many people gave up their time so we could ride with support.  JMC has quit doing organized rides as they have trouble finding volunteers.

I was able to meet up with Mike and Earline Kelly.  I have not seen them in years!!! They were the first people to take me under their wing and teach me to ride somewhere other than Highland Colony Parkway.  I remember falling behind the group on roads that I know now like the back of my hand, but at the time I had no idea where I was.  Earline was kind enough to wait up for me and she and Mike rode with me back to the car.  I started riding out in Clinton with them sometime after that.  And my love affair with all things cycling started.  It really is amazing to think back to some of my early days of cycling.  I so appreciate the Kelly's and so many others that got me started in this wonderful sport.

I also talked to Paula and Jeremy about Mountain Biking.  I want to attempt it too before I plan something that would keep me from trying it out for fear I will break my arm.

Fortunately for me, Bill has a two bike carrier on the back of his car and only lives a few minutes from me.  I gladly accepted a ride from him back to the house.  117.5 miles in the heat was enough for me.  The neat part is that this was my 33rd ride over 100 miles this year.  So, should I try to reach 50 rides over 100 before the year is out?

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pat said...

At 33 rides over 100M so far (I think you are ahead of me) hitting 50 should be a piece of cake - especially with the cooler weather coming on.
Keep on Pedaling GIRL!