Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Last Transcon Blog Entry - I Hope You Dance

It has been very difficult to sit down and write my final words concerning the Transcon trip.  I admit, I struggled with depression when I got home.  I just did not want to enter back into "normal".  I longed to be back on the road riding to somewhere new.  I was glad to be home, but I wasn't.  Even writing this blog right now I long to be riding somewhere.

That said, I am back home and life is continuing.  I took it easy the first two weekends home.  I kept the mileage down and increased the intensity on the second weekend.  Of course, I can't stay off the bike for very long and did my first 200k yesterday.

I have struggled with having so much time on my hands.  For the 16 months prior to my ride, I trained.  Almost every Friday, Saturday and Sunday I had certain drills or rides I was to accomplish.  Fitting in "life" around cycling was a challenge.  Fortunately, David helped (well, did everything) around the house and I made time to go shopping here and there.  Now, it is hard to remember what I did before I started training.  I got home last Friday after riding just a short ride with Jim and had no idea what to do next.  I did go shopping, but got bored with it quick.  David and I have been cooking on Sundays after church, so that has helped the non-cycling time go by.  I also set up a Face book page.  My, what a time waster!

It is still hard to believe that I have accomplished something like riding my bike across the United States!  I am so excited that God protected us and was with us every mile of the trip.  I really appreciate that He opened my eyes to see so many wonderful and beautiful sights across our great Nation.  We are truly blessed. I crossed off the number 1 thing on my Life list!  That is so rewarding!  However, I struggled for several days not having any idea what I would do next.  Fortunately, I think I have decided to ride the "Circle Tour" around Lake Michigan - unsupported.  HA!  I have to have an element of challenge and adventure in everything I set out to accomplish!

So, I would like to challenge each of you that have been reading this blog, to reach for your dreams.  Stop making excuses.  Okay, getting a month off to ride your bike across America may not be possible in  your life right now, but you can start setting the foundation.  I could have used two years of training to have been fast enough for this trip - but I only had 16 months.  Start working toward your dream now.  Get in the best physical shape possible.  If money is keeping you from living your dream, start setting it aside.  Give up fast food and use that to start a small savings account. You don't have time - turn off the TV!  Still have kids at home?  Get them involved in something involving your dream.

I have always loved the words to the song "I Hope You Dance" by Lee Ann Womack. These words from that song is my wish for you:

I hope that you still feel small when standing in front of an ocean.  I hope that you never fear the mountains in the distance.  I hope that you don't take the path of least resistance.  I hope you give the heavens more than a glance.  I hope that when given the chance to sit out or dance - I HOPE YOU DANCE!

  Me dipping my bike in the Chesapeake Bay

Vikki, Me and Ann

The group at the finish!

Thanks for reading and supporting me as I lived my dream! 
I hope you dance!


William said...

Beautifully put Michelle. You've been especially blessed to be able to jump out there and pursue a dream like this at an early age. It's been a real inspiration to me. Thanks for sharing all of this.


Nancy said...

And, I'm glad YOU DANCED!!!! It's been a great "ride". I have enjoyed seeing and experiencing this great adventure through your eyes. Chapter closed. Time to start working on the next one.

Nancy said...
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Vikki said...

I loved your last post and completely understand the depression. It's funny, I just heard that song today too and thought of the Transcon. Thank you so much for all your words of your journey. It is an amazing accomplishment! Congrats and on to the next Dance!!!