Sunday, February 21, 2010

Knee pain messes up 300k

Well, not the best cycling day.

Pat, Matt, Doug, LeRoy and I all started my Natchez Trace Lil Mountain 300 k in very cold 30 something weather. The forecast was for the temps to reach the low 60s. The start was very cold. I guess I was thinking 60 and not 30 at the ride start!

For whatever reason, I started having knee pain behind my knee at mile 12 of what would end up being a 159 mile ride. I am guessing I have started sitting lower on my seat and thus I am closer to the pedals which would cause pain behind the knee. I am also still having problems with my q-rings. If I am riding alone, I can find a cadence that is smooth. If I try to pace someone, I pedal with a pronounced dead spot.

I made the first 60 miles in 4 hours 10 min. I had thought about turning around at that point, but since I was making really good time, I decided to keep going. The next 30 miles I cycled really strong. I could not always match Pat's accelerations, but I could catch up to him eventually. Legs, minus the knees, felt really good on the hills and I made it up Lil Mtn without a problem even with the knees singing.

The next 30 miles my knees started really hurting all over. I slowed down considerably and decided to quit at mile 126. I knew I could make it in, but I was afraid how bad my knees were going to be if I kept going. Doug and I exchanged some texts that were not well timed. I thought he was picking me up and he thought I was staying in Kosy. He did come and get me and I feel really bad about it. He and his wife were extremely gracious to get me after he had already made it home. As my knees are killing me today, I am glad I did not have to keep riding the final 30 miles.

The bright spots of the ride were seeing many blue birds and a couple turtles. There were several deer that passed between Pat and I on the way out early in the morning. It finally warmed up after about 40 miles and was really nice. I was comfortable in my patagonia underlayer and my yellow vest most of the day.

BTW, Doug and LeRoy now have the course record at 12 hrs 54 min.

I am getting concerned that I can actually accomplish riding across the US. I am glad I still have over 4 months to train.

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Nancy said...

OK! At least I know that you are safe. But, I am a little worried about you!!! No, make that A LOT!!! Your last several posts are filled with self doubt. I know some of that is normal and at least you are verbalizing you fears so we can deal with them. HOWEVER, just remember a couple of old sayings (WHICH ARE TRUE, I might add) "Can't never could". SO STOP SAYING IT BEFORE YOU REALLY START BELIEVING IT!!!! Start repeating this other saying from the Little Engine that Could......"I think I can! I think I can!" Until you sound like Tweetie Bird singing "I DID!" I DID! Consider this a cyber slap in the face to bring you back to reality. You don't want to peak now. You want to peak for your ride!!!! You are putting in the time and the effort. You are paying a coach lots of money to help you with this. You MUST trust her and yourself! You haven't failed until you give up!!!!!

Your friend....Nancy
Motto "I can do ALL things through Christ who strengtheneth me!"