Thursday, March 4, 2010

My Pretty Blue Bike has started its vacation!

After a cold and dreary winter with lots of sub 45 temps and lots of indoor trainer miles, my pretty blue bike is on its way to Tucson. I sure hope it makes it okay. The bike case is humongous! It is a crateworks tandem case. I decided to ship the bike instead of tryng to fly with it before I saw how big the case was. Boy, was that a good decision. I would hate to try and lug that big boy around an airport.

I was filled with a lot of anxiety when I left Jim's after the case was packed. Jim is in a cast after his surgery, but he has a scooter he can get around on. He was able to direct me in how to pack the bike, but was not able to help get it in the case. So, it was all up to me to get it packed. Boy, I hope and pray I packed it right and it ends up in the disassembled pieces that I know about and not any more! Then a dread came over me about the upcoming ride. I just can't believe that Desert Camp is here! I have been training for over a year now, and I am a completely different person physically today than I was a year ago and even 3 years ago when I attended Desert Camp the first time.

I know I can do this ride. It is scary though. I have no idea how to climb mountains nor do I know how to get down them. But that is what this trip is all about. Training for the mountains. I am just jealous that my pretty blue bike has started the trip without me!

BTW, to see pics of the Desert Camps that are currently going on log on to You will see a link for each week. Look for me on week 4!


pat said...

daddy123Silly Girl -
Getting down hills is EASY!!!!!
Getting down them safely - that may be a different story!
You will do fine, just relax and enjoy the rides... Wish I was going with you!

Kimberly said...

shows how much I know. You said desert camp and I pictured flat land and cactuses, NOT MOUNTAINS!

luv you.