Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 22 Fog and Barns

Today started out extremely foggy.  Visibility was probably no more than one mile and probably not even that much.  Riding out in the shroud of fog, I had problems deciding if I needed my sunglasses or not.  The sun was bright through the fog, but with glasses on it really hindered the visiblity even more.  I was riding with Susan Reed for the first 10 miles and I could see her fine, but much more up the road, fog enveloped everything. 

I realized right off the bat that I had no power and that my muscles ached.  It was apparent that I would not be able to keep up with Susan and told her to go ahead and ride with some of the others she knew on the tour.  This was the first day of the trip that I just did not feel very good.  I have been very lucky to this point not to have any issues.  As I rode along, I realized that I really had not been eating very well the last couple days and I was probably "under caloried".  When I don't eat enough the day or so before a ride, I lose power and feel nauseated and this was happening today.  So at the first rest stop I refill my Hammer products and take a banana.  I still don't feel any better at the second rest stop and I don't feel like eating anything, so I choke down another banana.  Finally at lunch I was able to eat a turkey sandwhich and drink some coke and finally started feeling better.  Young Greg and I started riding together at this point.  Once I rode my 100 miles for the day, I decided to sag in and try to recover better for tomorrow.  Although, I did not feel well, I still had a great day and was pleased that I was able to diagnose my problem.  I did eat steak and potato tonight for supper and will have a protein drink before I go to bed. 

Foggy morning flowers - corn is hidden in the fog!

Susan Reed on her Lightening and Walt talking about his 4 person RAAM expierence

Okay, I know this is a stupid picture, but it is of I-55 - we crossed under it today.  Unfortunately, there was not sign...

Now, we are going to have a favorite barn of the day contest, please let me know which barn you think is the best:

Barn 1:  Proud to be an American Barn - I love this one as it symbolizes why I wanted to ride my bike across the US

Barn 2: Red barn with wagon - I just really like red barns...

Barn 3: Gray barn with white doors

Barn 4: Cool old grey and white barn

Flowers and corn without fog...


Susan Reed and I with our bents

Our progress so far

Tomorrow we cross into Indiana 1.3 miles into the ride - isn't that crazy?!


Rando Rob said...

Glad you sorted out your nutrition issues. Sometimes just some regular food is what you need to pump yourself back up.

Say hi to Susan, glad you had a chance to meet, if not ride together.

Rando Rob said...

p.s. I like the 'American' barn the best

Prentiss said...

I vote for the 'American' barn.

Sharon said...

Great pic of you and Susan! So cool that she got to ride with y'all! I am jealous! Barn #1 (American barn) also gets my vote.

Sharon Stevens