Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Day 25 - Fantastic Day Mentally and Physically!

What a great day!  I was so at ease and relaxed today!

The day did not start out as well as it ended up.  As I walked out of the motel this morning with my bike, it was already hot.  I don't know what the temp was but the humidity had to be at 97% or more.  You could cut the air with a knife - and it was soooo still.  Fortunately, it was overcast.  I woke up not feeling very good - probably under caloried again.  I tried to eat some cereal and a cinnamon roll, but my stomach did not like them.  I continued to get ready, but told Veronica that I may sag today.  I went back into the motel to get my bag and grabbed a cup of yogurt.  I really did not want it, but I knew I need to get something in my stomach.

We rolled out and I was amazed at how good my legs feel.  I had my massage last night and I always ride better the day afterward - thanks John J! 4 miles into the ride I see a great barn.  I don't normally stop this early in a ride to take a picture, but I had to today.  My stomach was still very queasy, so I was nursing my Sustained Energy.  As  I rolled along, I realized that I was really rolling.  Todays route was a perfect recumbent route.  The hills were just the right size to power down and roll up.  Only a couple needed to be pedaled over.  Although I did not feel well, I was really enjoying the ride.  I had to stop a couple time for bio breaks which slowed me down, but otherwise, I was rolling right along.

When I got to the first sag stop, I was the last one in.  Lon indicated that Kirk and Priska were a few minutes ahead of me and that Bob K had to attend to buisness today and was not riding.  So, I told Lon I would sag if I got too far back.  He then told me I was doing fine on time (I was averaging 15 but stopped a few times probably putting me closer to 14 average overall) take my time and just plan on being in by 4!  Wow, that really made me feel good! 

The issue comes that when those of us who are on the slower side have a good day, typically the faster guys also have a good day in the same proportion so, we on the slower side are still slow.  But today, I was just going to ride and not worry about how far back from the main pack I was because I knew I was in the time limits!  So, I grabbed a banana and rolled out of the first sag!  For the rest of the day I stopped when I wanted to take pictures and really enjoyed the rollers.

As I was riding I thought about shoulders - not the ones that attach your arms to your body, but those that are on the side of good roads.  For the better part of the morning we had a good 4 ft shoulder.  Most of the tour, we have had good shoulders or we have been on really low traffic back roads.  Having shoulders really makes it much easier for a cyclist to ride.  We are out of the way of the traffic and don't have to worry as much about being hit by cars.  Mississippi does not have many roads with shoulders and that is a really big shame.  We could cycle too so many more places using roads that have slightly higher traffic.  I would love to ride to Leland to see the Kermit the Frog exhibit, but the roads to get there just aren't as safe.  Anyway, we lost our good shoulder just before lunch.  The traffic seemed to pick up and I was buzzed by 3 18 wheelers.  They just don't like to move over.  I then had to completely get off the road for one as he was going to mow me over even if I was riding just to the right of the white line - we still had a 6 inch shoulder.  So, it is amazing that I can ride my bike across the US on roads that 90% have shoulders, yet I can't ride 60 miles to Leland MS or to Yazoo City even as I consider the roads too dangerous. 

Okay, off the soap box about shoulders - I will listen to my Ipod (one ear only) tomorrow!

Hands down - barn of the day!  I know I appreciate everything American - especially our flag since I have been on this trip!

White barn with quilt design

Red barn with quilt design hidden by the tree

Different red barn with quilt - can you see the thick air?

Apple Orchard - or "archard" if you are from Maine (hey Kelli! Say hi to sag mom for me!)

LOL! Very fitting for Nancy's comments yesterday!

Rumer was right!  Grilled cheese and tomato sandwiches, pears and a pickle.  You really don't know how good it really was!

Great Dog protecting his goats.  I was riding by and say the goats in the field.  I wanted a picture of them for Dianne.  The dog comes bounding out of the dog house in the back and the goats all run away from the fence - I got a really big kick out of it.
Also had a great dane run towards me a day or two ago.  He was a happy looking dog, but we were looking at each other eye to eye! Fortunately his owner called to him to come back and he minded!  It was pretty funny as he looked at me very curiously!

Headed to the Hocking Hills and to a new state tomorrow.  The next 4 days will be very challenging!


Bonhomme said...

Way to go Michelle. I'm so glad this has been such a good trip so far. I love the armchair experience with this blog. Hang in there and savor every moment. You'll miss it when it's over.


Nancy said...

YAY! For a good day!

Hey, I ran across this obscure song (to me anyway) by America entitled "Wheels Are Turning" As I read the lyrics, they made me think of you and your great adventure:

Albuquerque will be there in the morning
Purple mountains will rise up from the floor
After that you can just lift up the curtain
And the whole world will be there at your door

Down the road you see the heat waves a waving
All the signs are telling you where to go
And for you, this is a bold invitation
It's all you need, you don't need any more

Those wheels are turning once again

Now the sun is rising out of the ocean
Diesel trucks are flying by on the shore
Yes that's your spirit inside you just waiting
It's time to move, now that much you must know

Step outside and take a breath of the morning (step outside the door)
And the wind will tell you which way to go
You are the needle on the compass for certain
The missing map has come back to your door

Those wheels are turning once again

Thunder in the canyon waking up the night (waking up the night)
Black crow with an indigo glow on the highway

Albuquerque will be there in the morning
Purple mountains will rise up from the floor
After that you can just lift up that curtain
And the whole world will be there at your door

Those wheels are turning once again

They've always been your truest friend

You have seen and experienced sooooooo much. I bet it's hard to believe that you have almost RIDEN ACROSS AMERICA!!!!!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!!!! Thanks for taking us all along with you!

Later Tater!!!

ap said...

Wicked Pissah! Duuuunkin Donuts! :-)

Ride Happy! ~ Kelli

Nancy said...

Follow-up.......LOVE the church sign. God sure has a sense of humor, doesn't he?

Hope it's not a "rrrruf" day today! hehe

TexasPamRides said...

Michelle, I got away from your blog while Dan and I were riding in Colorado the last 10 days, but enjoyed catching back up with you on your grand adventure! So glad to hear you mind AND body are still so joyful. Real world sucks coming back from such a thing!! Glad all is going so well and that you've had such great travels. Lov'n the pictures too. Thanks for letting me/us enjoy your travels too :)
Pam Wright