Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Well, it is Wednesday December 30th and I can't decide if I am going to go to New Orleans to ride this weekend. Normally, I try and ride all of the NOLA rides with the exception of the January 1st weekend. I don't like traveling on holiday weekends.

So, I was (notice I said was) going to spend the weekend quietly with David. I was hoping to get my CA2 in and take it for a couple 30ish mile rides - make sure I am comfortable on it before my 200k on January 16th.

But, the "BEEHIVE" is going to be in NOLA for the 200k ride. John Schlitter and Troy (a fast Ti Areo cyclist), plus two new recumbents from the LA area will be joining Pat and company. Steve, ever the salesman, is really putting the pressure on me to come down - not that my arm has to be twisted much. But, do I really want to go down?

1. Get to ride with JS and Troy - or at least see them in the parking lot
2. Get a 200k in on the 2nd day of the year
3. R-12 BABY!!!! This would be a good ride to finish my 2nd R-12 on!
4. Possibly ride my first 200 on my CA2

1. Not spending quiet time with David
2. Riding my CA2 with very few miles on it - it may not be adjusted properly and mentally I need my first 200 to be a good and comfortable ride
3. Intervals tomorrow should leave my legs trashed - again - making them tired for the 200k
4. Not spending quiet time with David

So, what is a recumbent randonneur to do? Heck if I know!

If my CA2 is finished, I may go.
If Doug thinks that JS and Troy will stick around to talk to over dinner, I really may go.

However, it may be really nice to get my CA2 on Thursday (?) and ride it 30 mile on Thurs and do a 100k on Friday and Saturday and maybe even ride it again on Sunday.

If my CA2 is not finished, I probably won't go.

The weather is really supposed to be nice in NOLA and it sure would be great to get my R-12 finished with my 'bent buddies in tow!

I'll keep you updated on the final decision!

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