Sunday, December 20, 2009

Tough Week - 202 days to go

This has been a very difficult week. Monday I got a text from our secretary and she has the flu and won't be in. That is the only bad thing about my new job is that there are only 2 of us in the office - so I hurried to the office to cover for her. She has been out all week, so I have been doing both of our jobs. So, I am getting home later and I am very tired.

However, despite the workload and general Christmas busyness, I have maintained most of my workouts. Monday - full weight workout which really makes my legs tired.
Tues - drills on spin bike - could not do both sets, one for time reasons and two - they were that difficult. I really laid it all out and had no energy by the end of the first set. I got my HR into the 170s briefly but into the mid 160s for a good bit of the time. I had issues having enough energy to even get up and get ready for work. I still haven't puked, but I am really close to tears at the end of each of these sessions.
Wed - exhausted and did not go to the gym. I intended to go after work, but I did not get off until 6:30 and was mentally and physically drained. Did not do SLD.
Thur - woke up feeling much better and did my drills at the gym on the spin bike. They were hard and once again I don't think I got my HR much over 168. My HR monitor would drop to 00 about the time I thought I would push it to 170, so I don't know if I truely reached it or not. My RPE was definitely a 9 or 10 and toward the end of the last set I am breathing very hard and shallow and my legs are burning and can barely turn the pedals. Intended on making up my SLD but once again did not get home until after 7 and just could not make myself do it.
Friday- went to the gym and did the leg portion of my Wednesday drills. Did not have time to do anything else as I had to go in to work since our secretary is still out. My legs are toast. My hamstrings were wavering here in the office when I was just walking across the room.

Friday night, I was so tired that when we got home after dinner and shopping, I went straight to bed. I wanted to ride with Jim, but I did not wake up until 7 and I knew I would not be able to get ready in time. The sleep did me good though.

Anyway, that is my update for the week...

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