Monday, December 28, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I like making New Years Resolutions. I typically write them down in a journal that I use from time to time. I have resolutions in this journal from 2005, 2006 and 2009. Interestingly, I have had mixed success with achieving my resolutions. Losing weight is always on the list regardless of where I start out. In 2005 it was at 173 lbs, 2006 it was 154, 2009 it was 186. So, just by looking at my starting points, you can see that sometimes I can achieve weight loss and sometimes I can't. In a couple days we will seee where 2010 will start out, but it will be lower than I can remember since at least sometime in 1997 when David and I got married. I will want to loose down to 135 in 2010 which should put me at the mid point of my average recommended weight range for someone my height.

Each year also includes a mileage related goal. Funny to think that a goal of 4000-5000 miles was hard to attain. In 2005 I only reached just over 3500 miles. 2007 I reached 5800; 2008 was a pathetic guess of just over 1000 (thanks NS2) as I did not keep up with a speedometer. I only rode in 3 200k rides and 1 century and I did little to no training in between those rides. 2009 I fared much better riding over 6000. I am hoping to ride Wednesday or Thursday to push my total over 6100.

So what will my 2010 goals be? Since we are entering a new century, I really need to set some massive goals. So here is the beginning of the list:

1. To ride my bike across the United States knowing that just the attempt is a blessing from God and to relish the opportunity to see America up close and personal.
2. To keep a good attitude on the trip even when I get tired or I am faced with difficulties - heavy traffic, steep mountains
3. To weigh 135 by March 15 and to maintain that weight for the rest of the year
4. To ride a 200k ride at 17.5 mph
5. To ride 12,000 all purpose miles and finish in the top 5 females on the UMCA year rounder

Non-cycling related:
6. Once a month, have friends or family over to the house, or go over to their house for dinner or just for fun
7. Volunteer for some organization
8. Try to inspire someone to do something they never thought they could
9. To eat clean and healthy

Well, that is a start. I will see if I can come up with one more non cycling related resolution by the 1st.

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