Friday, March 12, 2010

Arrival in Tucson

So, I made it! The first step in my journey to my transcon. I am not
as nervous as I thought I would be. The flight here was uneventful.
It was very nice to step off the plane into warm sunshine. I arrived
too late to get my bike from storage so I will have to put it together
tomorrow. I have already met several riders that will be riding this
week as well as many who have been here for week 3. We belong
to a very tight community. I met several people here that know pam
and Dan from LSR and Matt settle from VA. There are several cyclist
here that have already completed transcons in previous years. I do
intend on learning a bunch from them. I also met Veronica who will
be crewing this week and for the transcon. For whatever reason I find
that comforting.

I am headed to bed but I willtry and keep updating the blog daily.

Btw I am blogging on my iPod so excuse my typos please

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