Sunday, March 21, 2010

Day 7 Back to Tucson

Once again we wake up to a beautiful morning! I am wearing the exact same set up as everyday except the day of the Chiricahauas. I am wearing my long sleeve base layer and jersey, shorts and leg warmers. Some mornings i wore my wind vest. Since I had not worn my rain jacket all week I packed it in the main bag.

For the first time the entire week I am ready before everyone else. Joan from Houston and I get a huge head start. Plus the first 20 miles or so were downhill so I had a good head start. Almost as if someone hit a switch, the winds started picking up the instant we left the rest stop. Plus this is where the gradual climbing began to Sonoita Pass. I like climbing the pass better in this direction better than from the North. At mile 40 we start the climb. I wasted too much time looking for a bathroom at this stop and am all of a sudden one of thevlast on the rode. Boy I wish I were faster!

Even though I know I am one of the last on the road, I am having a good day! Even with a headwind I am enjoying myself. The pass from the south is beautiful and I really notice how the road is cut into the mountain. The mountain with interesting shadows today is gorgeous. I also notice rain streaks in the sky! Of course since I packed my rain jacket!

The desent was not my favorite and I will really need to get more confident at desending. I make it to lunch and notice many has already left. The bunch from Chicago were still there but everyone else planned to ride. I would definately be the last one in today! The next 15 miles would be one of my favorite roads of the whole trip. Sahuarita road was lined with beautiful cactus especially the saguaro! Unfortunately I thought my camera was dead so I could not take any pictures. I finally make it in, last, but very happy and pleased with the ride.

I had decided not to ride on Saturday but to sleep in and maybe go sight seeing. Then I ran into Rob who had room in his truck for me and my bike to ride to Mt Lemmon. He knew that I was training for the transcon so I knew I needed to at least attempt the climb.

Wow! I had finished the official week and really felt good. Marcy and I grabed a good pasta dinner with the first decent salad and veggies all week!

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