Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 2 To Tombstone

All I can say is Oh my gosh I am having fun. These last two days have been very rewarding.
We rode from Tucson to tombstone over a really difficut pass and then from tombstone to willcox
over another difficult pass plus we had massive head winds that even the most expierenced cyclist
found difficult.

So, Sunday on the way to tombstone my legs felt like led from the very first mile. It was not long
before people were passing me and at a speed I could not latch onto. I kept telling myself that it was the
first day and one of the hardest. I did not go mental but slowly kept trudging along. I should mention that
almost all of the first 33 miles are uphill including the sonorria pass. I reach the rest stop 3 miles from the
summit to find that I am 15 min behind the next slowest rider and 30 from the next group. In order to keep
the group within the time limits I am sagged 3 miles to the top of the pass. I am okay with this and it does not
bother me. I know I could have made the climb if there had been no time constraints.

From there we hit a substatial 20 downhill to rolling hills trending downward. Susan r catches up with me and
we play cat and mouse to the lunch stop. There were still many people at lunch so I felt good that I was back up
with the group. The next 10 miles would climb another 1000 ft or so thus I got back on the bike to get to Tombstone
with the group.

The day was beautiful and the temps moderate. If it reached the 70s then it was a cool 70 as I wore my longsleeve
shirt under my jersey and leg warmers allday.

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