Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 3 To Willcox

This was one of my best cycling days ever. I am still so stoked just thinking about it! We left tombstone into wonderful recumbent friendly
rolling hills. I passed several cyclists on the way to the first stop and averaged 16.8 for the first 21 miles. It was sunny and cool but comfortable. Leaving the rest stop 5 of us had trouble with the directions and doubled back 3 times before figuring it out. We turned into a massive headwind and onto I-10!

One advantage that I really did not realize a bent has is a head wind. On the flats I was able to ride with others I normally can't ride with. So, I was able to hang on to the back of the others for several miles until we started up Dragoon Pass. The pass was two long climbs of 6% or so. Not difficult on their own but very challenging with our 20+ mph head wind. I really had no trouble with either major climb until a gust of wind blew me into the rumble strip! Instictively I unclipped and at 6% there was no way for me to get back on the bike. So I just walked the last of the climb!

With the hardest part of the day over I got to rest and ride in with a group of others. Many people including Susan N said they really did not know if a bent could handle a climb like that with that kind of wind! Well I did it and felt great doing it!

Can't wait until tomorrows ride!

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