Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 5 Back to Tombstone

Yes, what comes around goes around! We woke up to a beautiful day with light winds. The first 7.5 miles were the exact same as yesterdays route with the difference that I was going 18 mph in a paceline instead of 8 mph slogging into a headwind! I was able to leave with the young Canadians and stay with them to the first rest stop. We were averaging 16.6 over the first 25 miles! Marcy my roommate and Veronica one of the crew were still at the stop and were leaving just as I was ready to leave. I asked if I could try and hang with them and off we went. It is my goal to be as strong as they are. I loved riding with them! We made it to lunch with a crazy ave of 17.5 over 47 miles! After lunch I struggled to keep up with M and V as we started a slight uphill climb. I ended up getting dropped so I turned on my iPod and enjoyed the day. I wish I were strong enough to keep up but I was still moving pretty good on my own. The next rest stop came too quick for me so
I just kept going. The next several miles were the prettiest of the day. Unfortunately, I came across an accident. Peter and Bob had gone down with Peter being injured badly. He was airlifed to Tucson and Bob was taken to Sierra Vista. Thankfully both are okay although Peter had several broken bones.

Eventually M and V caught back up with me and I chased them for several miles. They stopped at a turn and waited for me and we all rode in together.

Today was a great recovery day after the awful wind from yesterday. It was just fun to be outside riding in warm weather with friends

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