Monday, July 26, 2010

Day 16 - the long and windy road

Hey, sorry, I have to keep it short and sweet.  I did not get in until 7 pm on a 121 mile ride (max miles was 145).  The wind wasn't that bad, but it did slow me down.  I may have not had enough to eat the day before and therefore did not have enough energy to push through the wind.  Anyway it was a long day.  I am still having fun, but tomorrow, I am sagging in to arrive at the motel by 3 pm.  I need to wash clothes, get a good meal and get to bed early again.  Maybe I will get lucky to get in early without sagging...

Thanks for reading!


Lane O. Snider said...

I am enjoying your blog, Michelle. What a woman you are!

Nancy said...

Recognizing, accepting and then making that decission to sag is so very wise!!! You don't want to risk the remainder of your trip for a few miles! You are THE BOMB!!! You are doing so great! Just remember, you are doing something that most...and I do mean MOST...people would never even DREAM of doing, much less actually doing it!!! You have done the work!!!! Now just enjoy the ride!!! No worries!!! Que Serai Sarai....Whatever will be will be!!!