Monday, July 12, 2010

Days 1 & 2 WoW!

Don't have much time to blog, but all I can say is Wow!  We live in a very beautiful and diverse country.  The terrain from day one to day two is completely different.  From Everett to Wentachie we were in more of a neat forrest with many rushing rivers and babbling brooks.  The  pine trees and fir trees are different from those in Mississippi.  The are "frondy-er".  At one point climbing Stevens Pass, I could smell the fir trees in the same way we smell the honey suckle.  It reminded me of Christmas.

Today, we were on the other side of the Cascades.  After our first pass, the trees became more scarce and the mountains were a brown color.  There were a ton of wheat fields.  I did not know it was wheat at first - I just thought it was a weed.  As soon as I was told it was wheat - "amber waves of grain"  poped into my mind.  So Day one is purple mountains majesty and day 2 is amber waves of grain. 

Eventually, the terrain changed again to interesting rock formations.  They kinda looked like mesas in some areas.  We turned and rode along the Columbia River and it was stunning!

I am having a great time - I am one of the slower (probably the slowest) cyclist here, but no one seems to care and I sure don't!  However, coming in late does not leave time for blogging - so I will continue to try to post regularly.

Cascade Mountains - we will be climbing Stevens Pass the first day

Babbling brook on Steven's Pass

Cashmere, Washington

Leaving Wenatchie, Wa - we got lost twice in the first 2 miles!

Wheat field and farm between Waterville and Douglas, WA. Can you tell that it was windy?

Basalt Cliffs along Banks Lake on the way to Steamboat Rock State Park

Upper portion of Coulee Dam

BTW, the bike is working better than it ever has.


Rando Rob said...

Congrats on getting through your pre-ride issues and the first two days. Now you can settle into the transcon routine and really enjoy yourself.

Susan said...

Woo Hoo for bikes that ride better than before. Thanks for taking the time to blog. I've chosen to re-read my daily posts from last year's Portland. Bringing back lots of memories. Keep peddling and enjoy the scenery and a ride of a life time.

Doctor on a bike said...

Great pics! Prior PAC tour riders told me before my '07 northern to take your time and enjoy it. Sounds like you're doing just that. Great route to be doing.

Nancy said...

To use your word...PHENOMENAL!! Other adjectives that come to mind are sensational, awesome, amazing, georgeous.......well I'll save some of them for the next set of photos. Don't you DARE worry for one single minute about being the slowest. That just gives you the best seat in the to speak. I know you are tired, but BLOG us daily!!! You'll want to get it down before you forget all of the little details that are adding up.

ginny said...

OMG! the pics are awesome ... i love your multi-task skills - ride, take pics and write ...
keep up the good job ...