Friday, July 16, 2010

Day 6 Plains, Trains, and automobiles

Well, we are not in the plains yet, but we went through Plains, Montana - so does that count?  Today was a hard day.  My legs felt much better today, but I struggled to keep up today.  Yet again, it was a fabulous day.  Our weather has been absolutely perfect.  This is the second day that I started out in long sleeves as it was probably in the 50s at the ride start - very crisp!  Going down the hills was very chilly but i would warm slightly as I would climb the hills.  Todays terrain was very similar to yesterdays - Mountains on at least one side and the Clark Fork River on the other.  The river is very wide and was flowing north, so as we travel south, it looks like it is going in the wrong direction.  Sometimes it is clear and smooth and other times it is flowing rapidly.  Watching it makes me want to take up kayaking (another adventure sport on my life list - sorry, David and Mom).

I have become fascinated with trains the last two days.  I love to hear them whistle, especially, when you can't see them first.  Being close to them you can hear the freight train chuga-chuga sound.  In an odd way, very peaceful and comforting - unless you live by the tracks, I guess.

Today was also our first day on the interstate.  It was not too bad really.  Part of one of the sections was closed to traffic, so we had it to ourselves for 5 miles or so.  Lon tries to get us off onto more scenic roads as often as possible, so most of the time we were only on it for 3-5 mile intervals.

Saw what I think was a chipmunk today - or maybe a really cute rat.  There were also more osprey nests in several spots along the way.

First train today - notice the mountain on the left and the Clark Fork River on the right

I like barns too

Clark Fork river - you never tire of it

Okay, I really like barns

And trains...

Headed up a decent hill, I see this oddity behind me, I pull off and as the truck passes me, the intertube thingy flys off the truck.  Had I not pulled over, it would have hit me in the head!

Tomorrow is another long day to Butte, MT. Thanks again for reading and posting comments!


William said...

Michelle, you're doing great! I bet your legs are getting stonger every day (even though it may not feel like it some days!) I love the pictures you're posting. Keep them coming...


Susan said...

You're doing awesome. Just keep peddling. Thanks for blogging. Really look forward to your posts.

Nancy said...

Who'd have thought that you would have to be dodging dingies in Montana? Too funny. Love that you got a photo!

I agree with Bill and ARE doing AWESOME! I can tell by your post that you were really tired when you were typing it. Keep up your stretching.

Adjective for today.....Quirky. Because of your facination with the trains and barns. Things most people (non-cyclist) would not even notice.

Hope you have another good day. Mental and physical strength. Later Tater!