Thursday, July 15, 2010

Day 5 Mountains and valleys and falls, oh, my!

This will be short and sweet tonight - I am tired and we lost an hour changing time zones today.  Our ride tomorrow will be the longest so far - 138 miles, so I need to stretch and hit the sack.

We rode the entire day in between two mountain ranges.  Most of the time there was a river to our right.  Totally stunning! We also had an off road adventure on a 5ish mile long gravel road - the description was "road becomes rough"!  That was a nice way to say "a step above dirt"!  At least it was better than the Texas clay pot chip seal on the Uncertain Times Perm. 

Right outside of Sand Pointe, Id - Lake Pend Oreille (I think)

Mountains  - this is Montana - big sky country

Taken from a one lane bridge just after 5 or so miles of gravel road.  Everyone asked if I had trouble on the gravel.  I answered - no, I get lost and sometime gravel is the best way to get home (Jim - HA) plus George E from LSR and I had 3 miles of gravel less than a month ago on the Taste of Italy ride!

Clark Fork river coming into Thompson Falls

Thompson falls - Jenae, Susan and I hiked around the falls - they were really pretty.  The falls had a neat rushing sound and the sun glistened off of the pool of water below the falls.

Thanks again for reading.  I am having a blast and can't wait to ride again tomorrow!  I think we will be in Missula, MT.

Btw, I am not running spell check on the blog as it takes too long, so forgive my spelling errors...


Don said...

Michelle, you are a real trooper. We just returned to our Houston home today and this is the first time I have been able to real your blog. Great pictures and writing to describe your ride. Our thoughts are with you, good luck.

Sharon said...

Fabulous pictures and commentary! The scenery is incredible. Thank you for sharing with the world! It is the next best thing to being there! Hahaha first thing I thought when I read "5 miles of gravel" was, that sounds worse than clay pot chip seal! But then you said it wasn't! Keep riding and having fun! -- Sharon Stevens

Brooke said...

The pictures of the area are just gorgeous! I bet it is so nice getting to ride all day with such scenic views!! Hope the 138 miles today went well! We're thinking about you!
brooke and ken

Nancy said...

I am soooooo happy and surprised at the fabulous weather you are having. (note: Hope I'm not jinxing) If you aren't already glad you are there and not here, I'll give you yet one more reason.......110 heat index!!! I got into my car at 5:30 yesterday afternoon and the thermometer read 102 and that was in the SHADE!!! STIFLING is the best adjective I can use for today!

I think that you've missed your calling. You should be a professional photographer!!! "Extrodinary" (adjective of the day") But, I imagine with scenery like that, it is a lot easier.

I hope you have had a great ride today!!!

Susan said...

Hi Michelle, I'm riding in Central OR now with another bent friend. Feel like I'm riding at your side as I share some glorious scenery.

Hope your 138 went well today. I'll look forward tonight to your post.