Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Day 18 Favorable winds and really big rollers

What a fantastic day!  I am finally rested and have some power for the first time in several days!  I decided I would sag early and often again if my legs did not show up, but I felt fantastic leaving the motel today.  It is the second day I have not worn arm warmers at the ride start.  It was coolish, but humid - my kind of morning. Right out of the motel I noticed my legs felt great and I was already crusing at 16 mph.  The first 10 miles or so was flattish and then we hit really big rollers.  I was able to bomb the hills going down and get about 1/2 way up the next hill before having to throw it into the small ring and spin the rest of the way up. I was having a blast!  The rollers went from being really big to being really long.  At that point, the downhill would barely get you started into the uphill so I slowed down some.  The wind was either a light cross wind or a tailwind so I was not having to push against it. 

We were completely surrounded by corn fields everywhere!  There were some really nice houses tucked away in the cornfields, but corn was on the right and left of the road as far as the eye could see.  Green was the color of the day as when there wasn't corn there was soy and all the trees are green.

At lunch I decided to stop at 85 miles.  I felt really good and did not want to push the limits today. I also knew we had 3000 ft of climbing in the next 40 miles, plus we have 4 135+ mile days in a row coming up.  I am hoping to be able to ride all of them so I just rode in with Veronica in the extra car.  I learned today that just because a ride looks hard on paper, it doesn't have to be.  The whole group seemed to love the day!

Iowa - our 6th state!

Nice church was the first sag stop

Corn as far as the eye can see

Interesting outhouse in Oto, Iowa

One of a thousand farm houses - barn had a nice design

I have heard  of taking everything including the kitchen sink, but a bathtub?

We saw so much corn, I had to include another picture of it! 

Barn of the day unless you like the one with the design on it better - then it is the barn of the day.

Ricketts, Iowa - if you look close, the sign says it is the "middle of nowhere"!

Our progress so far!

Please pray for favorable winds and that I have the strength to ride the whole way for the next several days! Oh and pray that everyone stays safe!


Susan said...

I'll be rolling out from my house tomorrow morning, Friday; will ride into the Chicago Loop, take a METRA train 40 miles to Aurora where I'll begin to ride again. Will overnight in Morris, IL. Saturday I'll ride 115 miles to Pekin. Should be there when you arrive. Looking forward to meeting you (finally) Saturday for dinner and riding with you to Danville on Sunday.

Enjoy your ride today.

Nancy said...

Hey! I am excited to see that Susan is riding out to meet you! How exciting!

My favorite photo of the day HAS to be the bathtub! Followed closely by the out house! What a HOOT!!! Hey, when was the last time you saw "Field of Dreams"? DO NOT GO INTO THE CORN FIELD!!!! You may NEVER be seen or heard from again! Or, then you might well be forced to pay baseball with some other ghosts!!!

Oh! Yesterday morning, I went to the gym and you were the talk of the entire place. Walter couldn't WAIT to show everyone the postcard you sent! ALL are as impressed and as amazed as I am!

You are in all of our prayers!!!! Hope it's a "vivacious" day!!!
You are in my prayers.