Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day 19 - The road greatly travelled!

Let me start by saying I had another wonderful day!  The best part of this trip is that I feel I can ride as many or as few miles as I want each day.  I originally wanted to ride the whole day, but as the ride unfolded, I elected to ride in the van again until conditions improved. 

Today's ride started with a nice ride out of town but quickly turned to busy hwy 141 in Iowa.  It was one of my least favorite roads on the whole trip.  Think Natchez Trace width with no shoulder, stack 25-30 lake cavalier hills 1.5-3 miles apart on the road and then add somewhat heavy traffic including 18 wheeler traffic going 65 mph, then break up the pavement pretty severly in the tire rut so you have to ride truly on the middle of the road and have no where to go when traffic comes by.  The route had us on this road for 70ish miles - I lasted 23 before I elected to stop at the first sag.  I believe in enjoying every moment of this trip and the stress of riding on that road was not enjoyable! 

Checking with Lon, we would be getting off that road after lunch, so I sagged up with several others.  After lunch I was one of the first to leave again, so I had no pressure to ride in fast, so I meandered my way to the hotel just thinking and having a great afternoon.  We had a slight headwind, nothing bad, and the temps were mild.  I was only sweating on a climb.  Once again we were surrounded by corn and soybeans. 

My shadow in the early morning sun

Church in a soybean field

Wild flowers on the side of hwy 141 in Iowa

Praying Mantis yard art in Coon River Park

Ever wondered what to do with your old golf clubs?  Windmill of golf clubs in Coon River Park Iowa

17 yr old Greg and his daily license plate.  Greg has an eagle eye for the lost plates and finds at least one almost every day.  I think the most he has found in one day is 5.  BTW, this is Greg's third transcon and I am pretty sure he has done them all without his parents!  He is more mature than most 30 year olds I know!

Today's corn - the bio break view!

Tomorrow we head to Mt Pleasant, Iowa.  There is a chance of rain and most likely headwinds.  I would sure like to ride at least 100 miles tomorrow...


Nancy said...

Oh! What a GREAT photo of you as a shadow!! The other ones are really really wonderful!! You have a great eye.

Walter couldn't wait until I got in the door good to show me the Mt. Rushmore postcard. LOL

I'm pulling up the Weather Channel to check the weather. Just sing...."Raindrops keep falling on my head, but that doesn't mean my eyes will soon be turning red, cryings not for me, sooooo, I'm never gonna stop the rain by complaining. Because I'm Freee. Nothin's worrying me." hehehe As long as you dodge the tornados, you'll be fine.

Sharon said...

Hey Michelle! SOOOO glad to hear you are having the time of your life!! You have worked hard for thist rip and you deserve to enjoy every bit! Sounds like the package arrived at a good time, whew. When I mailed it a full week before, I had no idea how it would work out! Keep pedaling and sending the great pictures and updates!

Sharon Stevens

Sharon said...

OH YEAH, I am getting caught up on your blog now (was in OR earlier this week, gorgeous!) and I TOO CRIED over your "grateful" post! WONDERFUL STUFF!! You do have an abundance of blessings. And we are blessed to have you as a friend, and blessed that we can share your perspective of the PACTour journey. Thank you!!

William said...

As I read over your entries Michelle, it's clear that not only is the trip a once in a lifetime event for you, but the blog is something really special. You're going to be very proud of the trip and the very unique record you're making of it. Keep it up lady!