Saturday, July 17, 2010

Day 7 You never know what is around the corner

We are settling into the routine.  I have no idea what day it is, where I am, or where I am going without looking at the route card.  Montana, unlike Washington and Idaho, has very similar terrain day to day.  Hilly mountains on either the right, left or both with the Clark Fork River mostly on the right.  Today we had no train sightings.  I did see a field mouse scurrying across the road in front of me.  Today's ride was another long one - 135 miles.  However, Susan and I talked the night before about trying to stay up with the group to lunch and then sagging over the climb.  The roads before lunch would be much more scenic as comapared to those after lunch.

Once again the air was cool and crisp at the ride start and not a cloud in the sky.  Getting out of town was very easy and we were staring at the river right off of the bat.  The sun glistening in the river was beautiful.  After several days of the same terrain, you can let your mind wander.  I did not want to think too much, so I turned on the i-pod and listened to some good music.  Eventually, we started this long 1-2% slog for about 10 or 11 miles.  It occasionally had a downhill turn, but would then head back uphill.  I was on a time crunch getting into lunch on time, and I did not think I would ever get off the slog. Just then, I rounded a corner and got a huge surprise!  Real mountains again!  The mountains we had been following for the last couple days have rounded and are much hillier than the defined mountains of the rockies.  It was breathtaking!  To see the snow capped mountains appear out of nowhere was like watching the first burst of light in a fireworks show!

Sun glistening off of the Clark Fork river

Hilly mountains - rollling hills are always fun to ride, even when they are trending uphill

Linkin Log house - there are a lot of these out here.  They made me think of my brother, Chris. I loved playing with linkin logs. When we were little we used to try and launch the smaller logs into the light fixture with the green roof pieces.  

another barn...

Once again, the picture does not do the landscape justice.  You can see the snow capped Mountain - I think it is Mt Higgins, in the back ground.  You can also see just a sliver of Clark Fork river.

Tomorrow we cross the continental divide 1200 ft in less than 10 miles.  Cross your fingers, I can get over it.


Nancy said...

It's Sunday!!! Can you believe that and entire WEEK has already blown by? 1/4 of the trip! Oh what sights, sounds, smells, you have experienced so far. Read through you motivational card and remember how hard you've worked to get to this day. You're strong. Enjoy each second....even if it hurts. :o)

Nancy said...

OK....I should really proof read before I post. Let's try this again.....Can you believe that an (not and) entire........... hehehehe

Nancy said...

Oops! Forgot your adjective for the day.....ummmmm.....Primo!!!! Saving the really AWESOME ones for sights yet to behold. Oh, look! I sneaked in a second one. Gotta go ride myself. AND IT's RAINING cats and dogs. OH! BABY!! Can't wait.

William said...

I love Montana. Your pictures make me want to go back NOW! You were the topic of conversation at the bike shop yesterday, Michelle. We're all very proud of you.


eetmochikn said...

Hey Girl, Dougie here! Those pictures look like a postcard, so I can only imagine what the scenery looks like in person.

Went down to N.O. this morning to ride with Pat and Steve. You were the topic of conversation..... well that and Pat's two flats.

We got soaked today, but we said if Michelle can suffer, we can suffer. Cheers!

eetmochikn said...

P.S.- I've been reading your texts with much interest, but I know how tough it is trying to answer 50 text messages after a long day of riding, so I'm saving you from all that work by not replying... LOL!

See, always thinking of your comfort and well being!

Eric said...

Okay, you are amazing. I just started following you and it seems like you are doing great. I am envious and in awe of you. Keep pedeling. You can do it. I believe in you. I am here with Jane at her house and we both are rooting for you. Believe you can do and you will. We are watching you. If you feel like giving up, think about your life. What you want to achieve. Where the road will take you if you don't pull off. Never quit.

Dianne said...

I finally remembered my Google account sign on info-whew! Michelle, I am so envious that you are doing this, and so happy for you! I love reading your blog and I hope you are having a blast! Can't wait to hear all your stories when you get back! Hatted to hear about that little cop episode-kinda a wet blanket wasn't he?